About Me

Hello everyone welcome to my site, I am Aman, and I am currently 27 years old (at the time of writing this page), I am from India but living in the United States from past few years. I love playing Basketball, and it was my life dream to play in NBA, I know it is not possible now, but still basketball is something I can’t leave. People say basketball is their passion, or they are crazy about basketball, but in my case, I just can’t live without it. Playing basketball is what makes me happy and when I am not playing I am searching ways to improve my game and know more about this beautiful game.

I started playing basketball when I was only nine years of age. My mom was also a national level Basketball player, so I think it comes from heritage to me (Oh, by the way, my mom was 5 feet 10 inches, and I am 6.4).

My struggles: Good and Bad Times

 As a player, I saw both good times and bad times on Basketball court. At one stage (at the peak of my game) I thought I will accomplish my life goal, i.e., to play professional basket and then comes the time (injuries phase) when I was all shattered and broken from inside, a man who doesn’t know what he will do with his life. But all the struggles I faced through all ups and downs it makes me that much stronger and experienced and today I am again doing something that I love most that is playing Basketball and sharing my experience with others through my website.

So, as I said earlier, I started playing at very young age. I was approaching my dreams slowly and steadily, had played for my school team won some titles then I started playing in Senior League played some national level games (that’s in India). In 2006 when I was 18 I got my ankle broken in Senior National tournament, and it was horrible, some doctor’s said you have to do surgery to get back on the court and even after that its not sure that you can play again as a professional player. I was all shattered, but my passion for basketball was not allowing me to sit at home.

So after all the warnings doctors gave me, I started playing again which leads to more injuries and there comes the time when my both ankles and knee can’t even pick my body weight. After getting some surgeries, I finally stopped playing basketball when I was 21. It was the hardest decision I ever made in my life I was all broken with nothing to do in my life because all I know and ever wanted to do was playing basketball professionally.

My Journey from Player to Website Owner

In 2011 my brother gifted me nba 2k game to get my brain side track from physically playing basketball and I started playing that game for like 10-12 hours daily on my PC and thats when it stuck my mind how much I enjoyed spending time on my Computer. So I start being online for most of my time and one day I saw a advertisement to make money online working from Home.

I thought its a good idea if I can make money from my home that way I dont have to go any place else and I can play my game as much as I want. So when I was not playing game at my PC, I started searching ways to make money online and started investing in get rich quicker schemes(believe me its not worth wasting your time and money in those schemes). I spend thousands of dollars but none of them work out for me.

After struggling for years searching ways to make money online one thing I understand was I need to have Website to make money online. So my next step was making a website (I knew the how being of how to make website and how to do marketing). As my cousin brother was a freelancer and I was very much influenced by him I called him to help me getting some ideas about websites I can make.

Is My First Website A Success?

If you ask me is my first website a successful one? The answer is No! it was not. Although I know the basic concept of making a website and promoting it online but I wasn’t passionate enough about the theme of that website. I worked for two long years on my first website but without passion I was going no where. So, after struggling two years I dropped the concept of my first website and start searching for something which I am more passionate about…

Comes The Concept Of Basketball Ideology…

First thing that come into my mind when I was searching for something that excites me was Basketball (my first love). At that very moment, I was sure that I am going to make my next website on Basketball giving my genuine product reviews and meeting people online who love this sport. I made this site not only to make money online but also if I can help anyone with my experience it will make me happy and satisfied.

So if anyone of you thinks I can assist you in any way regarding injuries, your game, some basketball product review or if you need to discuss something about basketball I will be happy to help. You can contact me by mailing me at

Thanks everyone for visiting my Site. PLAY HARD, STAY FIT. 🙂


Founder Of BasketballIdeology.Com