Best Basketball Hoop For Home Use- Top 3 Hoops Under $1200.

inspector-160143_64Hello, everyone! If you are on this page, then you must be searching for the best basketball hoop for home use. Yes, we all want the best product for our self, but there are so many factors to consider before buying hoops online or offline.

If you can spend money freely, then you got plenty of choices; but if you are tight on budget (say $200 to $400) and wants to get the best possible hoop in this range, then you might have to sacrifice little on the overall quality of product– or search a market like this gentleman in picture!

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying low-priced hoops are shoddy or fragile, but they simply can’t provide the feel of actual gaming experience. If you are buying a hoop for kids, this budget is totally fine to get you a good product; but if you are a fan yourself I will suggest increasing your budget and buy a sturdy hoop, rather than regretting in future for saving few bucks.

Again it all depends on you, think what you want to do once the hoop is assembled. If you want to just shoot-around or invite your friends for a game; or it’s just for your 10-year-old kids. How you want to use it aggressive dunks and hanging on a rim is your game, or simply shooting can do it for you. How much your budget allows you to spend; generally a good sturdy hoop will cost around $700-1300.

Top 3 Basketball Hoops That Make It To Our List

Right now, there are more than 800 hoops available in the market in the budget segment. We choose best hoops in every price range for your convenience. These systems are chosen on the basis of cost, durability, and ease-of-assembly. We know time is valuable, and we respect it; that is why we kept it real short for you. If you want to read full reviews of hoops you can read it by clicking on “Read Full Review” links. Okay! Enough talking lets see which hoop make it to our list of top 3.

Best In Range $1-$400.

1. Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System with 54inch Acrylic Backboard.spalding-66291-pro-slam-portable-system-jgjdld

  1. Price Range- $250 – $350
  2. Brand- Spalding (Official Backboards and ball used in NBA).
  3. Type- Portable Hoop
  4. Ease-Of-Assembly- This system is easy-going and not that bulky, it can be easily assembled with the help of 2 adults. If you follow assembly instructions carefully it can be done within 3 to 4 hours time.
  5. Durability- The durability of a system depends on how you use it. This system is not made for dunking or hanging on the rim, you need to be careful if you want it to last few years. The owners are overall happy with the sturdiness of this hoop.

Our Opinion- Getting a good basketball hoop especially when you are short on a budget is bit challenging. You got very few items to choose from, and even you pick the best one you can’t be sure if it’s going to last long or not. Spalding 66291 can be your ultimate pal in this situation. The brand name and their experience in this field is convincing enough to trust the credibility of this portable basketball system.

The thing I like about this hoop is it comes with nice heavy duty Breakaway Rim which is a great addition to its Steel Framed Acrylic Backboard. I know, acrylic backboards are not industry best, but it gives good bounce during rebounding situations.

I have seen some negative reviews on this product too, but almost all of them are unreasonable. I don’t know what people expect from hoop this cheap; you can’t get a dunker rim or professional basketball system this cheap. This hoop is good for newbie’s, kids and adults looking for improving their shooting skills. If you want to dunk and hang on the rim, increase your budget a little and go for some more sturdy basketball system like Silverback or Goalrilla hoops. Read Full Review Of Spalding 66291 Here.


Other Options- Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop with five years warranty and almost same specs is a good alternative.

Best In Range $400-$800.

2. Silverback In-Ground Basketball System with Tempered Glass Backboard.
Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop

  1. Price Range- $750 – $850
  2. Brand- Silverback (It is a brand owned by Escalade Sports Company which has years of experience in making sports goods & equipment).
  3. Type- In-ground Hoop
  4. Ease-Of-Assembly- The assembly of hoop took five days (minimum of 3) to get fully assembled and ready for play. As this hoop is hefty, you will need minimum three adults to get it assembled.
  5. Durability- There are no such complaints regarding the durability of this hoop. Some owners find it tough to assemble but once assembled it’s as solid as it gets.

Our Opinion- Why Silverback In-Ground Basketball System is best? The Answer is simple; it’s budget friendly –that was at the top of our priority list, comes with tempered Glass Blackboard–which is best in industry; provides real game rebounding experience, and a 5 year warranty– which gives a peace of mind so players can enjoy the game without worrying about damaging the hoop. Icing on the cake is you will get backboard pad and pole pad included in the price.

The thing I liked most about this basketball system is its anchor bolt mounting system. This revolutionary system gives you the flexibility to remove the hoop in case you are moving out from your old house or want to set up a hoop in a backyard or some other place in a house without any hassle. To learn more about this system read the full review here.


Other Options- Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System is another good option in this budget. The hoop comes with 1/4″ tempered Glass backboard and a breakaway rim.

Best In Range $800-$1200.

In this price range, there are two hoops that I found intriguing, both hoops look durable and designed to take a punishment. First is Spalding portable hoop and the second one is Goalrilla In-ground hoop, both basketball systems are sturdy and priced reasonably. Read below to know why we choose these two hoops.

1. Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System – 60″ Glass Backboard.spalding-the-beast-kgkfafgae

  1. Price Range- $1000 – $1200
  2. Brand- Spalding (Official Backboards and ball used in NBA).
  3. Ease-Of-Assembly- Assembly of this basketball system is not a rocket science. In fact, if you read and follow assembly manual carefully it can be done within 4 to 5 hours time. The manual comes with straight-forward diagrams. At least two adults are needed to set up this hoop.
  4. Durability- Durability of portable hoops is always a big question. While, owners are satisfied with the overall durability of this beast, some owners complained that the plastic base starts leaking in few years. I don’t know if its low-quality material or its due to weather conditions which make plastic weak and vulnerable to crack, if you are planning to keep your hoop in the garage after playing you won’t face this problem.

Our Opinion- This beast from Spalding features a 60inch Tempered Glass Backboard with the Pro Image Breakaway basketball rim. Now, this breakaway rim is what I like most, it’s made to handle rough plays and also protects player hand in the process of dunking with its spring return mechanism, if you are a mean dunker you should probably know what I mean.

Talking about a base of this system, it can be filled with 50 gallons of water or sand. This is good to compete with any in-ground hoops in terms of stability. Although, it requires more space but sturdiness offer is impressive. What sweetens the deal, even more, is its multi-wheel design with castors which makes it easy to move the hoop without much effort. I am not a huge fan of portable systems but if I had to buy one, I will definitely go with this beast. Read a full review of this system here.


Other Options- If you want a compact hoop, Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball Hoop is the one to consider. This Goalrilla hoop with its 5.5inch one piece steel pole is the most rigid unit you can get in this price range.

2. Goalrilla GLR GS 54 Basketball System.


  1. Price Range- $999 – $1200
  2. Brand- Goalrilla (Another brand owned by Escalade Group. Goalrilla is well-known for its ergonomically sound hoops and considered as one of the top-notch residential hoop manufactures).
  3. Ease-Of-Assembly- This hoop is rather heavy and needs a minimum of 4 people to get it fully assembled. The assembly is not hectic but getting a backboard to pole needs some muscles. It took a total of 4-5 days to get your goal set up and ready for play.
  4. Durability- I haven’t seen any durability related concern with this hoop yet (if you find some, please comment below and we will add it to our review). The owners are well satisfied, plus Goalrilla offers limited lifetime warranty on its entire range of hoops.

Our Opinion- It’s tough to choose best hoops among so many systems available, but I wanted to select the best of best system that can act more as professional hoop then just a basic fun hoop for the family. I was searching for some rigid basketball system so that players can dunk and play rough above rim without thinking about damaging it. After searching a lot, I found Goalrilla GS 54 basketball system, the thing I like most about Goalrilla hoops are its one piece steel pole which works like magic for the sturdiness of hoop. Also, the hoop doesn’t shake much when the ball hits the front of rim or backboard all thanks to its one-piece square pole.

The GS54 height is easily adjustable from 7.5 feet to 10 feet and with the overhang of 2.5 feet from the pole it gives players enough space to play under the rim. Also, Goalrilla offers a limited lifetime warranty with almost all of its products. Now, what more can you ask for while purchasing a hoop?

Goalrilla offers 54inch, 60inch and 72inch backboard hoops. While GS54 is the most compact hoop it’s still as sturdy as its bigger siblings. I do prefer this basketball system if you want the compact size hoop for your backyard or driveway. But if you have a full-size basketball court you will be better off going with Goalrilla 60inch or 72inch backboard alternative. Yes, it will cost you few more dollars but standard size backboard looks and feels better on your full-size basketball court. The Goalrilla 60 inch backboard will cost you $1400 – $1500 and Goalrilla GS4 In-ground hoop with 72inch backboard will cost you around $1600 – $1700.



Read Full Review.

Other Options- Spalding 888 Series Ground Basketball System is a good alternative to Goalrilla hoop. These premium Spalding hoops are built to handle rough plays, and overhang provided is good too.

Note: The information on page “Best Basketball Hoop For Home Use” is just for getting an idea, check the prices and product specification from vendor site yourself before making any purchase. I hope this article is helpful, if you have any comments or questions regarding best basketball hoops comment below, and I will reply at my earliest.

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Robbins Sports

Durability of portable hoops is always a big question and It is very important to consider this. For while owners are satisfied with the overall durability of this beast, some owners complained that the plastic base starts leaking in few years. This should not be taken for granted.


You are right about the durability of portable hoops base.

It’s made of hard plastic material so it’s inevitable to develop cracks and leak at some point of time, especially if you are living in a hot place like Arizona. But I don’t see The Beast, or any other portable hoop, base developing cracks soon unless the base is faulty or is used under extreme conditions.

To be on safe side, though, it’s always better to check the base for leakage before playing. We also recommend filling the base with sand instead of water because sand doesn’t leak easily from small cracks.

If you still want to use water, it’s better to put some sand bags on the top of the base, so your hoop doesn’t fall, in case of leakage.


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