Best Ground Basketball Hoops- Top 5.


Nba season is starting in few weeks and so do the fever of basketball. If best ground basketball hoops is what you looking for, you landed on the right page and on right time! In this article, we reviewed the top 5 ground basketball systems which we think are cut above the rest. These hoops are chosen on the basis of price, features, customer ratings, and sturdiness.

Of course, all these hoops are not apt for everyone. Various factors including your style of play (dunking/hanging) and how extensively you use it (regular team game or frequent shootaround) will determine which hoop is best suited to your needs. Still, considering all factors– including extreme weathers– in-grounds hoops can last for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Customer reviews have become the significant aspect while purchasing products online or even at physical stores. Considering customer ratings before making a purchase clearly pays off in the longer run. For this very reason, we have included a screenshot of customer rating of each product from You can read reviews by clicking on the screenshots.

So, without further ado, here is the list of top basketball hoops to save your time and protect you from the tedious task of searching online, reading reviews and finding the best fit. We had already done some heavy lifting to provide the best information to our readers. So sit back relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the article.

Note: We will continually going to update this page if we find some good deals or any new entry to add to the list. The page was last updated on 10/19/2016.

1. Spalding H-Frame Basketball Hoop

Click The Image To See More Product Picture From Amazon.Com

The power-packed Spalding H-Frame in-ground hoop is custom-made for those who love playing above the rim and take pride in throwing hard flashy dunks. It is the most expensive and robust in-ground system on our list. At price point near $1700, this branded hoop is a one-time investment. What’s more, for customer satisfaction Spalding is giving a 5-year warranty on this system which is more than enough to determine the built quality of this hoop.

Screenshot taken on July 12, 2016 from
Screenshot was taken on July 12, 2016 from

Spalding H-frame got excellent ratings at As you can see in the screenshot it got 4.8 stars out of 5 which is no mean feat to achieve. Reading these verified customers reviews you will see customers raving about how high-quality hoop’s components are and how good it plays once installed. To read Amazon customers yourself reviews click on the screenshot.

Why Choose This Hoop?

  • Excellent fit for half courts and 3 car driveways.
  • Made for pro athletes and newbies alike.
  • Ample space between backboard and steel pole to practice hook shots and play at full speed.
  • Heavy-duty 6″ pole to keep hoop steady.
  • You can choose from two variants 60″ and 72″ backboard.
  • Infinite height adjustment from 7 feet to 10 feet.
  • Free Pole Pads for Players safety.
  • Ground tube anchor kit with hinging base plate allows easy assembly.

Why Not!

  • 72″ variant is too big for two car driveways.
  • Assembly can be tiring.
Best Place To Buy.

If you can wait few days for shipping then with lowest price online and free shipping is the best place to buy this hoop. Also, right now, Amazon is offering flexible payment options with zero interest rate if payment is done within 12 months– through Amazon Store card,

2. Spalding 888 Series Ground Basketball Hoop

Click The Image To See More Product Picture From Amazon.Com


The second entry in our list is Spalding 888 “Series”. This series got three prominent hoops under its name; 88880G, 88830G, and 88825G; with the main difference between the three is their backboard size. The 88880G comes with a 72 x 42″ tempered glass backboard; whereas 88830G backboard is little smaller at 60 x 38 inches; the compact of all three hoops is 88825G with 54″ glass backboard. I like this whole series because it gives buyers alternatives to choose from– without compromising on the built-quality.

Which backboard size is suitable for you? Well, it depends on your personal preference, however– as a general guideline– 54″ backboards look pretty good on one car driveway and compact places. On the other hand, 60″ or 72″ backboard looks huge and is made for more open spaces like 2 or 3 car driveways; or a half or full basketball court,

Screenshot taken on July 2, 2016 from Amazon.Com.
Screenshot taken on July 2, 2016 from Amazon.Com.

If we talk about customer ratings, this series got impressive reviews at Although, there are only 24 people who rated the product, still all hoopsters are satisfied with the purchase and had given the average rating of 4.4 out of 5. To Read Customers Review At click on the screenshot to your right.

Why Choose These Hoop?

  1. Alternatives To Choose From.
  2. Free Pole Pads.
  3. Offers Institutional Level Of Playing.
  4. 7-feet to 10-feet Height Adjustment.
  5. 4-feet Overhang Between Pole And Backboard.
  6. 3-feet overhang for 60″ and 54″ version.

Why Not!

  1. Slightly overpriced.
  2. The thicker 1/2″ Glass backboard would be better.

3. Goalrilla Gs54 Inground Basketball Hoop

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Goalrilla Gs54 sits in third place on our list of “best in-ground basketball hoops”. To say the least, this is the best mid-range hoop that offers ultimate performance, durability and bang for your bucks. The hoops heavy-duty components are made for dunkers however, its compact 54″ backboard is not apt for everyone. If you are in the market for sturdy and compact basketball system then this hoop is a perfect fit for you.

Screenshot taken on June 23, 2016, from Amazon.Com

Again, customer ratings on this product are awesome! The product got 71% 5-star rating on and only 3% people has rated it 1 star. For reading Amazon customer reviews click on the screenshot to your right.

Why Choose This Hoop?

  • 54″ Glass backboard: Ideal For Compact Places.
  • Pro-Style Flex Rim For High Flyers.
  • Robust One-Piece 5″ Pole For Sturdiness.
  • Overhang Of 2.5 feet.
  • Anchor Bolt System For Transportability.

Why Not!

  • 54″ backboard is small for full-size courts.

4. Silverback Sb60 In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Click The Image To See More Product Picture From Amazon.Com

Silverback Sb60 with 6-inch wider backboard then Goalrilla GS54 is among the finest ground basketball systems available in a mid-range budget. For anyone who prefers larger board over sturdiness, Sb60 is a perfect match. We choose Gs54 over Sb60 because it got better one-piece 5″ square pole as compared to average 4″ 2-piece pole on Sb60. Now, 2-piece pole doesn’t make Sb60 any less of a contender, in fact, its affordable price and big 60″ Glass backboard makes it the best hoop under $800.

Screenshot was taken on October 18, 2016, from

To bolster our statement we took a screenshot of customers rating from As you can see in the image to your right, out of 155 customers 66% rated it 5-star while 30% people rated it 4-star and only 1% of customers given it a 1-star review. Undoubtedly, if out of 155 customers 96% are satisfied with their purchase it only means two things: first, hoop built is impressive; second, Silverback knows how to do their business and keep its customers happy.

Why Buy This Hoop?

  • 60″ Tempered Glass Backboard.
  • 5-year Warranty.
  • Breakaway Rim For Hands safety.
  • Awesome Customer Ratings
  • Freebies Includes Pole Pad and Backboard padding.

Why Not!

  1. 2-piece poles are not as stable as one-piece poles.
  2. Height-Adjusting crank is uncomfortable for some people.

5. Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Click The Image To See More Product Picture From Amazon.Com

So we come to the last basketball hoop in our list of top 5 and guess what, this spot is taken by another Spalding product. It’s not like we are a huge fan of Spalding, but their years of experience in making professional hoops give them a slight edge over their competitors. For those who don’t know, Spalding is the official sponsor of backboards in NBA league for a few decades now.

And their experience in this field speaks for itself, Spalding 88454G is another finest creation of the company and its performance is unmatched by any of it rivals in same price range. The hoop has almost same specs as Silverback Sb60 hoop, yet, its lot cheaper. Perhaps smaller backboard size is how the company managed to cut its price.

Screenshot was taken on Oct 18, 2016, from has more than 125 customers reviews available for Spalding 88454G. However, users ratings are somewhat assorted for this hoop. Even though only 15% of people had rated it 1 or 2-star still, there was one thing common in all reviews– including 5-star ones. Almost every reviewer had complained about vague assembly instructions and mentioned difficulty in joining 2-piece pole together. Click on the screenshot to read customers review.

Why Buy This Hoop?

  1. Best Hoop Under $400.
  2. Brilliant Customer Ratings.
  3. Tempered Glass Backboard.
  4. Pro-Image Breakaway Rim.
  5. Steady Base.

Why Not!

  1. Only 1-year warranty.
  2. Imprecise Assembly Instructions.
  3. No Freebies.
  4. The 2-feet overhang is not enough for fast players.

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