Best Portable Basketball Hoops $600-1200.


Buying hoop to improve your shooting or dunking skills to have an edge over your competition? Or getting your kid ready for school basketball tournament? Or you are just a hardcore fan of the game and want to enjoy it from the luxury of your home, either way, if your answer is YES to any of these questions then you are on right track. $600-1200 is the range where you can find premium quality portable hoops with Glass backboard, pro-style rim, a thick 2-piece or 3-piece square pole, a colossal base, and the best part easy portability; a perfect structure for intermediate kids and adults wanting to improve their game.

Of course, the more expensive the hoop is, more features you will get with it. While $600 hoop stands sturdy when shooting the ball or is good for moderate dunking, $1200 hoop will give more arena like hoop experience where you can improvise monstrous alley-hoop dunks or shoot the ball like pros without any movement from the backboard. However, keep in mind PREMIUM hoops tend to be bigger and heftier which demands a lot more space because of backboard size and huge base. Generally, these hoops come with 54”, 60” or 72” backboards with 40 to 50-gallon storage base capacity.

As for choosing the best portable system, we will consider 4 factors that make the portable hoop best: a durable base, stable pole, premium-quality backboard and Rim, and most important good rating from customers. Based on all these factors we found 3 hoops, in $600-1200 range, which fits our criteria. Although, all 3 hoops are best in their price range; we still sub-categorized them into 3 categories: BEST economical, BEST Specs and BEST OF BEST. First off, we will start with the best economical hoop.

1. PRICE RANGE: 600-700

a. Best economical hoop: Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – 60″ Acrylic Backboard

spalding_68562_basketball_hoop_34563752dtbjgfSpalding 68562 with 60-inch Acrylic backboard (biggest in this category) is the best economical hoop in this price range. The 60 x 35” huge backboard which is steel framed gives the feel of the arena like hoop with a clear back view and an NBA sticker on it– better than any other cheap residential hoops with immature looking backboards.

This hoop from Spalding is priced little above $600 and features a 3.5” round pole, 40-gallon base, adjustable height from 7.5 foot to 10 foot and arena style breakaway rim. The hoop’s 3 –piece pole is set at 20-degree mark which provides players extra space to practice shots under the rim and avoid any injuries during hard-drives or rough plays.

Screenshot taken from Amazon.Com on July 2, 2016.

Now, I know that’s not the finest specs, but again, there is not much competition. If we consider specs vs price ratio, its closest rival which is not at all close in terms of specs is Barbarian titanium pt-109 hoop with 44” acrylic backboard, 33 gallons of base storage and only 3-inch thick pole, and still priced way above Spalding 68562.

Spalding offers a 1-year warranty on this product. Also, customers rating on online stores are positive. Out of 90+ reviews on, 83 % of people rated it above 3 stars and only 9% people rated it 1 star. Click On The Screenshot To Read Customers Review At Amazon.Com



To Read Spalding 68562 Portable Basketball Hoop Review Click Here.

2. PRICE RANGE: 700-900

a. Best Specs: Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System – 54″ Glass Backboard

spalding_68454_basketball_system_gsrhrf213534fIn this price range, you got a plethora of hoops to choose from. While, Spalding 71454a and Huffy ultimate high breed base basketball system look promising too; we choose Spalding 68454 as the hoop that offers best specs to our money, mainly for four reasons.

  1. 4inch 3-piece square pole
  2. Glass backboard.
  3. Good Customer Ratings
  4. Cheaper than both above mentioned hoops.

As we know square poles are better for the stability of hoop, Spalding 68454 is the only hoop in this range to offer one. The hoop is easy on the pocket too, while Spalding and Huffy ultimate high breed cost above $ 850, this hoop will cost you under $750.

The hoop offers Arena Slam breakaway rim and 54” tempered Glass backboard; 0.25inch thick, which provides ultimate rebounding experience. Also, the backboard comes with padding which protects players from severe head injuries especially when a board is set at lower levels. Talking about leveling, the rim height can be adjusted from 7.5 foot to 10 foot via Screw jack adjustment mechanism.

Screenshot taken from Amazon.Com On July 2, 2016.

As much as, 4” 3-piece pole is important to provide stability to the hoop, its colossal base plays an important role too. The base has the capacity to store 40 gallons of water or sand and also contains 2 wheels at the bottom for easy portability. Additionally, the 4-strut provides extra support to the heavy-duty pole.

Even though, we liked this hoop the customer ratings on this product is assorted. There are more than 170+ reviews of Spalding 68454 on out of which 49% people has given it 5 stars and 13% buyers are not happy with fragile backboard and rated it 1 star. To Read Amazon Customers Review Click The Image To Your Right.



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3. PRICE RANGE: 900-1200

a. Best Of Best: Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball System

spalding-the-beast-kgkfafgaeTruly bringing the arena to your home is Spalding ‘The Beast’ portable system. We also adjudged The Beast as best basketball hoop for home use. Why this hoop is so engrossing? The answer is simple; it features near-perfect glass backboard, thickest square pole—on any portable hoop under $1200, biggest base, and also provides easy mobility through multi-wheel design; a perfect structure for a residential use.

Seems like, Spalding had put a lot of thought into building this hoop. The beast comes with a 60-inch tempered glass backboard and a Pro-Image breakaway rim. Now, this is the only portable hoop under $1200 to offer ¼ inch thick tempered Glass backboard and considering the fact that professional backboard in leagues like NBA is ½ inches thick and also made of tempered glass material, we can assure that this backboard will provide same bounce (if not like professional boards) as you accustomed getting on gym or institutional hoops.

Glass backboards are cumbersome which requires rigid support from pole and base to stand steady. The Beast comes with beastly 5inch 2-piece square pole; the best you can get on any portable hoop, thus far. This robust pole is angled to provide players with the extra overhang from backboard to the base of the system.

Talking about the base, The Beast features a durable base with 50+ gallon storage capacity. This reservoir can be filled with either water or sand; both provide tremendous support to the overall structure of hoop. Furthermore, the base mounts 4-struts provide pole extra rigidity and stability to the hoop. In short, you can dunk on the rim without worrying about damaging the pole or the backboard.

Screenshot was taken on 22 June, 2016 from Amazon.Com

You must be thinking, it would be impossible to move this BEAST? Well, that’s erroneous; the multi-wheel design with castors makes mobility effortless. These wheels come into action as soon as you pull the Grey inset cover, at the front, which acts double as a rebounder during game time and handle for moving hoop when needed.

If you consider Customer ratings before buying any product, you will be happy to know that most buyers of ‘The Beast’ are satisfied with their purchase. has 130+ customers’ reviews, out of which 64% of buyers rated it 5 stars while 20% buyers rated it 4 stars; with the average rating of 4.2/5. also has 15+ reviews of this product with an average rating of 4.5/5.



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P.S: For making this page more useful for others please share your thoughts and comments if you own or played on any above mentioned hoop. Or if you have any question regarding best portable basketball hoops please comment below and I will response as soon as possible. STAY FIT! HAPPY PLAYING.

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Great review – Cheers. I have 3 teenagers and one that is obsessed with basketball. We’ve been looking for hoops for a while to keep him at home rather than at the basketball courts (homework and all!), so really appreciate your thorough rundown. Showing my son tonight so we can have a chat! Cheers


Hello Ilona,

I am glad you liked our review. If you want to look at more options you can check Best portable basketball hoop under $600 and Best basketball hoops for kids.

I hope your little champ will also like the hoops we reviewed. If you have anymore questions regarding basketball hoops just message me here and I will get back to you as early as possible.

Have fun playing basketball at home. Best wishes!


John Rico

I’m planning to buy one of this portable basketball hoops so that I can practice on my yard when I don’t feel like going to basketball courts. I can able to practice everything like my shooting and dribbling to improve myself. You have a nice list of hoops ranging from $600-$1200. Is this thing big? What should be the recommended size for a yard to fit these things?


Hi John,

If you are looking for a best portable hoop– in $600-1200 range– I will suggest you to go with Spalding The Beast portable basketball hoop. You can not only improve your shooting but also can practise dunk on this ‘Beast’. To read the full review of this basketball system Click Here.

As for the size, it totally depends on the space you have in your yard. If it is large enough to park three Suv’s then its apt for ‘The BEAST’. On the other hand, if you have lesser space, Spalding 68564 with 54″ Glass backboard is another good option to look for.

Hopefully, this answers your question. If you have any more doubts or comments feel free to contact me by commenting below.



Hi Aman,

Wow as seen in your article, has the price of really good portable basketball hoop skyrocketed since I was a kid. Of course I am talking about the early 1970’s when my dad erected a backboard and hoop and had the rim at regulation 10 feet high attached to a tree in our backyard. I don’t know what it cost my Dad then, but it certainly was not close to even the $600 that you listed for the most inexpensive model in your review. In fact as my Dad was good with woodwork, he probably constructed the backboard himself all those years ago. So all that was needed was for him to go out and get a basketball net and rim.

Looking at the most expensive model at $1200, I find it intriguing to learn that the 50 gallon base offers storage capacity and that one can add either sand or water to allow the entire hoop to be stable regarding its base. Very sophisticated and a bit different compared to the tree used for my hoop 45 or so years ago. The fact that each is portable with the built in wheel in the foundation to allow for easy movement is a huge plus as well.

I can only imagine that any young player, male or female would have one of these portable hoops in their home which would allow them to constantly practice and improve their shooting skills. For the truly serious player if money were no object I’d imagine them trying to talk a parent into shelling out money for the top-of-the-line Spalding Beast portable hoop set.



Hi Jeff, I find it quite impressive how your Dad was able to build a backboard and hoop at home. I can’t even imagine building one at home. It must be tedious and time-consuming. At the same time, it must also be fun playing on hoop built with efforts and love that your Dad put in making it.

Secondly, there are some cheap portable hoops available in the market, you can find one at Best Portable Basketball Hoops Under $600 . The hoops I mentioned in this article are suitable for folks who like to dunk and play vigorously above the rim.

And you are absolutely right about hoops been pricey these days. But, then you also get high-end features with these elite hoops and most of all a feeling of playing at a professional hoop which no cheap portable hoop can provide.

I also agree with your thought of buying the best portable hoop available in market i.e. Spalding The Beast portable system, for two reasons. First, the hoop is the best portable system a money can buy under $1200 range. Secondly, this premium hoop comes with a 5-year warranty which covers any wear and tear to the base and its heavy-duty 2-piece steel pole.


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