Goalrilla Gs54 Review- Compact Yet Robust.

Product Name: Goalrilla Gs 54 B4003W.
Price Range: $800 -$1000.
Playability Level- Pros, Intermediate, Beginners.
Warranty: Unknown.
Our Rating: 8.5/10.

Gs54 is the most compact offering by Goalrilla the well-renowned company with expertise of making premium quality hoops. At the price point of around $900, the hoop got all features one can wish for; from one piece pole to elite glass backboard, from pro style rim to anchor bolt system, all the qualities of being a best residential hoop. So, is this hoop the best? Let’s figure it out.

goalrilla-54-inch-backboard-hoopKey Features GS54:

  • One piece 5 x 5-inch square pole.
  • 3/8inch thick tempered glass backboard for superior rebounding.
  •  Overhang of 2.5 foot.
  • Anchor bolt mounting system.
  • Pro-Style Flex Rim
  • Compact 54” backboard to fit any driveways or backyards

1. One-Piece Pole: The Rare Breed.

As we all know one-piece poles are sturdier as compared to multi-section poles and same is the case with square poles compare to round ones, the thicker the pole, less it trembles. Generally, you will find one-piece poles in premium class hoops which cost way above than $1200 or more. Goalrilla Gs54c is the only hoop under $1000 to provide one-piece 5 x 5” square pole to hold the heavy 54” glass backboard still, which ultimately increases the overall performance of the hoop.

Thinking about durability? You don’t have to, as this heavy-duty steel pole has DuPont powder coating which saves it from rust or corrosion in any weather for at least few years.

2. Glass Backboard with Pro-style Flex Rim:

For making rebounding experience better the hoop comes with 3/8 thick tempered glass which gives ball good bounce, as you experienced on your gym or high school hoops, during rebounding situations. Also, pro-style flex rim protects player while performing dunks, at the same time it takes a lot of tension from backboard to avoid any damages.

3. Anchor Bolt System:

The use of Anchor system with in-ground hoops are common these days it gives users the facility to unbolt the hoop from the plate and move it to some other place when needed. The anchor system is not only important for transportable purpose but overall stability of hoop depends on it too, that’s why Goalrilla includes rebar rods with anchor system to provide extra beef to the overall construction of hoop.

4. Owner’s Manual:

The owner’s manual that comes with GS54C contains easy step by step process to assemble the hoop and some instructions on what-not-to-do while assembling it. Remember, not following the instructions carefully while playing can void your lifetime warranty on the hoop. The manual comes with diagrams and easy to follow instructions which is not at all difficult to understand.

Who Should Buy This Hoop:

Looking at the compact size of backboard this hoop is suitable for small driveways or small courts. For anyone who have a full basketball court, I will suggest going with 60” or 72” backboard variant of this hoop which looks and

Screenshot taken on June 23, 2016, from Amazon.Com

feels pretty much like a hoop you see on TVs or NCAA tournaments. If we talk about built quality only, this hoop has muscles to take on larger counterparts too, but its compact size is not apt for everyone.


Customer Rating: The product received excellent ratings from almost every customer who bought it. Overall, buyers rated it 4.4 out of 5 at, I had seen only one bad review about the product so far and that too was more about bad shipping and seller experience. Other than that, customers are pleased with the built quality, assembly and stability of hoop. Click on ImageTo Check Customer Ratings At Amazon.Com

Our Take: If you have limited space in your driveway this is the hoop to look for, if you want the sturdiness of professional hoops this is the hoop to consider, if you want to play aggressive above the rim (without worrying about damaging the backboard) this hoop is the answer, if you want to have never ending hoop fun that gives you lifetime warranty this is the hoop to go for and finally if you want to have the best hoop in market, you know where to look!


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