Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop Review- Not For Everyone.

Product Name: Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop.
Price Range: $300-400 approx.
Playability Level- Intermediate, Beginners.
 5 Years.
Our Rating: 8.5/10.

Portable basketball hoops have earned lots of reputation since their launch. Unlike, in-ground hoops which are cemented in ground portable hoops are easily portable and don’t take much time to assemble either. However, residential portable hoops are not for every household; especially not the Lifetime 1558 basketball hoop. While this portable hoop is cheap and got features to impress, it is much more suitable for rookies and intermediate players. How did we get to this conclusion? Let us show you how!

What’s Good

Despite its inexpensive price tag, the Lifetime 1558 features a heavy-duty Slam-It Rim. With double compression springs, the rim provides spring back action– similar to professional rims– and is made to handle emphatic dunks without showing any wear or tear.

One of the best features of Lifetime 1558 is its Action Grip Height Adjustment system, which lets players adjust rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6” increments. Users can simply adjust rim height using one hand– without putting much effort.

There is nothing exceptional about the 3.5inch round pole of 1558 XL, but like other hoops in this price range, it’s somewhat acceptable. The only good thing about this 3-piece pole is that it is Powder coated with a rust-resistant finish which makes it durable against bad weather conditions.

Another good thing I liked is hoop’s XL base which can store up to 35 gallons of water or sand whichever you like better. Moreover, the two-wheel design makes portability effortless; you just need to tilt hoop forward and move it to the desired location. This feature comes handy during hard winter times when snow and strong winds can easily damage your hoop.

Moreover, the Lifetime 1558 stands apart from crowd owing to its 5 years manufacture warranty— now, what more can you ask for?

What’s Bad

Here comes the bad part, Lifetime 1558 has a 52” backboard which is made of Makrolon polycarbonate material. Now, polycarbonate boards are lighter than glass backboards or acrylic ones and don’t provide as good bounce as those two backboards.

On the upside, though, Makrolon polycarbonate is considered stronger than acrylic boards and is virtually unbreakable. My only concern is that if you are accustomed playing on gym hoops, you will not like the rebounds this hoop provides. In short, we can say that the hoop is for beginners or kids just started to harness their skills.

Screenshot taken from Amazon.Com on July 2, 2016.

Customers Satisfaction- Lifetime 1558 Xl Portable Hoop got whopping 310+ reviews on Most reviewers are happy with the end result but some of them complain about unreliable assembly instruction—still 82% of customers has rated it 4 or 5 stars and only 5% of people has given it a 1-star rating. Click On The Screenshot To Read Customers reviews on Amazon.Com

Our Take- If you are in the market looking for a budget portable hoop– for your kids– then surely Lifetime 1558 is worth the look. But, if you are a serious athlete or fan yourself and want hoop in this price range I suggest you buy Spalding 66291 since it got a bigger and better acrylic backboard, which looks and feels more professional.


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