Silverback Ground Basketball System Review- Is It Worth Buying?

Product Name: Silverback Sb60 In-Ground Basketball System.
Price Range: $600 -$800 approx.
Playability Level- ProIntermediate, Beginners.
Warranty: 5 Years.
Our Rating: 8/10

Silverback introduced its new series of hoop Sb-60 and Sb-54 with some tough-to-beat specs along with affordable pricing. If you love playing basketball you will surely love Silverback Sb-60 hoop, no matter how vigorously you play on it. Now, we might sound like a salesman, trying selling you this thing, but after seeing the specs, we can adjudge it as one of the best if not the greatest hoop available– in its price range. What’s more, Silverback is providing a limited time 5-year warranty on this series of hoops that includes glass backboard too.

Key Features:Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop

  • 60 x 33” Tempered Glass Backboard with Aluminum Frame.
  • 5-year limited time warranty.
  • Extra Accessories Included With System.
  • DuPont Powder Coating for protecting the rim from rust.
  • Break-Away Rim for players protection.

Assembly- Assembly of hoop requires a minimum of four adults to pull it off. But before starting assembly I recommend to check all the cartons for smaller parts, as some parts like nuts and bolts may be shipped inside larger packages (don’t think of getting all parts at one place). So before ordering any substitutes inspect all the boxes carefully for any missing part.

Now installation of the hoop is two part process. The first part which is anchor installation is most challenging of both. Also, for completing this process, we need some additional stuff like concrete (80 lb), tape measure, wheel barrow, open end wrench, etc. All this stuff is not included in the package and buying it will cost extra $100 at least. Yes! That’s the extra amount you have to pay for sturdy lifetime hoop.

If you are installing hoop in your driveway, you need a minimum of 18inch rear clearance behind the pole for letting all-steel actuator adjust height properly. One more thing to keep in mind is when installing anchor in a hole, anchor plates should be installed square to your court or else the backboard will not line up correctly.

Part two of installation includes assembly of the hoop and getting it ready to play. It’s not easy as it sounds, neither that short. It requires a spare time of 3 to 4 hours to get it assemble at once. Surely, if your schedule is tight, you can assemble few parts every day or take a help from professional installing services but that will cost you extra $200-400 depending on the services company is providing.

If you decide to assemble hoop yourself double check the two piece poles and make sure they are locked properly or else it might separate during play, not only this can damage your property but it can also cause serious injuries to players. Also, do not tighten all bolts and hardware at once until it is instructed, tighten them to soon may cause difficulty with other parts of the installation. The assembly manual includes an easy step by step process to get your hoop assemble. My advice is to read manual thoroughly before installing; it will make your assembly process easy and smooth.

Other features this hoop enjoys.

Dupont Powder Coating- The Silverback Sb-60 and Sb-54 come with Dupont Powder coating which protects hoop from rust and corrosion even in bad weather.

All-Steel Actuator for adjusting rim height- All-Steel Actuator is a motor based mechanism which helps in adjusting the rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. This makes the process of adjusting rim cinch; one can simply adjust the rim height by turning the actuator crank (clockwise and anti-clockwise) at the back of basketball system.

Other Accessories- For Limited Time Silverback is offering Pole Pad and Backboard Pad without any extra cost with Sb-60 and Sb-54. These accessories come handy when playing fast paced game or when the hoop is at a lower level.

Anchor Kit- The Anchor Kit comes handy when moving the basketball system to some other place. For instance, you are leaving your old home, simply by dismounting your goal from the base plate, your hoop is ready to go with you. Remember, anchor system itself cannot be moved, so you need to buy another anchor system for a new place that will cost you approx $100.

Customers Say- While considering the basketball system customer satisfaction is the most crucial thing and what better way to find that then actual customers reviews. has plenty of customers review for this product. While every person situation is different, still almost all of them are happy with this hoop. To check out Amazon customers review click here.

Our Take- I personally recommend buying one piece pole because of rigidity and sturdiness it offers, plus one piece poles vibrate less compare to a two-pole system. Sb-60 is one of the finest creations by Silverback, that has the built of a one-pole system. Its Tempered Glass backboard and breakaway rim are on a shiny side while the 2-piece pole is a darker reality. If you are buying a hoop for basic 1 on 1 play or playing shooting competition with your neighbors’ or friends this hoop is certainly the best deal in the market.


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