Spalding 68454 review: The best economical hoop under $700.

Product Name: Spalding 68454 Portable Hoop.
Price Range: Between $700-800.
Playability Level- Pro, Intermediate, Rookies.
1 Year.
Our Rating: 8.5/10.

spalding_68454_basketball_system_gsrhrf213534fWant residential portable hoop which offers good value for the money, time and effort you spent on assembling? Look no further; Spalding 68454 portable basketball system carries all the traits you are looking for; it features a 54” wide Glass backboard, 40-gallon base, a 4-inch thick square pole and two wheels at a bottom for easy mobility. Furthermore, the hoop comes with 1-year warranty and board padding for added protection. Let’s take a look if this basketball system is for you or not.

Best quality Glass backboard

As mentioned before, the hoop comes with 54-inch wide tempered Glass backboard –only portable hoop under $700 to offer Glass backboard. The backboard with a thickness of only 0.25-inch is very thin as compared to its other rivals with polycarbonate or acrylic backboard, which are usually 1-inch broad. Although, even after having slim-built this backboard is hefty and provides better bounce -than any other hoop with polycarbonate or acrylic backboard– much like Gym hoops. Additionally, backboard pad is included in sales package to safeguard players from any head injuries especially when the hoop is set at lower levels.

Passable 4” square pole

3-piece 4” square pole is not our favorite, but considering the fact that standard hoops in this range features 3.5” round pole we can live with this 4-inch square pole which is better than round poles on any given day. Plus, metal struts which mount from base provide added support to the pole. To summarize, the pole provides excellent support to the heavy-duty backboard and makes it wobble free even when balls hits backboard from 3 point range.

Much Needed Colossal Base

Spalding 68454 plastic base can hold up to 40 gallon of water or sand. The base is solid and there is almost no chance of hoop tipping over unless, of course, Shaq O’Neal power dunks and hang on it!

Even though, two wheels are given at front-bottom of the base, moving it when the base is full is not an easy task to accomplish. You might need some help to move it if you are not HULK!

Break-Away Rim To Complement Glass Backboard

This portable system features a heavy-duty rim with compression spring that not only adds to the life of backboard by absorbing contact, but also makes you feel like playing on arena style rim. Also, rim height can be adjusted through screw jack lift system so that any age folks can enjoy the game. At the lowest level, it is 7.5 feet which is a good height for growing age kids and at its highest level, it is 10 feet which is the regulation NBA height.

Screenshot taken from Amazon.Com On July 2, 2016.

Customer Satisfaction- There are more than 170+ reviews of Spalding 68454 portable system on with an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. Although, 76% of ratings are positive (5 or 4 stars), there are 13% people who have rated it 1 star. Almost, all reviewers complain one thing in particular and that is a bad instruction manual. Some of the 1 stars review also complaint about shattered Glass backboard after few years of use. Click On The Screenshot To Read customers reviews at

Our Take: Looking at the heavy-duty Glass Backboard, robust 4” square pole, and top-quality rim Spalding 68454 looks like the best portable hoop under $700. While the tempered glass backboard makes this hoop stands apart from the competition, the portability factor and cheap price make it even more irresistible.


Alternative- While, there is no Glass backboard hoop to compete with Spalding 68454, the Spalding 68562 with 60” acrylic backboard and a 40-gallon base is worth looking if you are considering buying hoop with a bigger backboard.

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2 comments on “Spalding 68454 review: The best economical hoop under $700.

Arthur O. Evans IV

What’s the difference between the 68454 and the 71454T?


Hello Arthur,

The main difference between 68454 and 71454t is that 71454t comes with a hybrid base.

Hybrid bases are much better than regular bases as it can be filled with both water and sand, making it more sturdy. Also, hybrid bases have a removable lid at the top which gives access to the storage– where you keep sandbags, removing them ultimately makes the hoop lighter and easier to move.

I hope this answer is helpful. Let me know if I can help with anything else.



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