Spalding 68562 Review: THE BEAST OF MID-RANGE.

Product Name: Spalding 68562 Basketball Hoop.
Price Range: $600-700 approx.
Playability Level- Pros, Intermediate, Beginners.
Warranty: 1 Year.
Our Rating: 9/10.

spalding_68562_basketball_hoop_34563752dtbjgfIf you are looking for the hoop, in mid-range, that provides stability and durability of premium hoops then Spalding 68562 is your answer. We called it “The Beast Of Mid-Range” because Spalding “The Beast” is the best portable system we have encountered so far and Spalding 68562 is following the same track of greatness — in the mid-range segment. This system looks as professional as high-end hoops with its 60” backboard, heavy-duty arena slam breakaway rim and mammoth base. Let’s dug deep to figure out if this basketball system is for you or not.


The backboard of Spalding 68562 is made up of acrylic material. That’s ordinary, right? There are several hoops with 54” or 44” acrylic backboard; like Lifetime 71522 Competition XL Portable Basketball System and Barbarian Titanium PT-109 Portable Basketball Hoop, both falls under mid-range segment. However, Spalding 68562 is the only hoop to feature a heavy-duty 60” transparent backboard –under $650– which is just 12” short of regulation size 72” backboards. The 3/16” thick backboard provides good bounce during rebounding situations and simply looks better than miniature 44” or 52” backboard variants. Also, the fade-resistant graphics makes hoop looks as good as new even after years of fun playing.

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Average 3-piece pole.

The hoop features a standard size 3-piece 3.5” round pole with powder coated paint to protect steel from rusting. This 3-piece pole angles at 20 degrees from the base and gets extra support in the form of front cover which also acts as a rebounder.

The 3-piece pole tends to shake more than 2-piece poles and looking at the heavy 60-inch backboard, I doubt, that hoop will remain steady when a standard size basketball hits the backboard or rim. Although, the base also plays an important role in the overall stability of hoop but the robust pole is a focal part that makes portable hoop steady. To sum up, I don’t think the pole complements the overall built of the hoop. A square pole or rather a 2-piece pole is essential for a system this large.

Gargantuan Base With Wheels

As mentioned before, a base plays important in the stability of hoop and to make sure it doesn’t crumble. Spalding 68562 comes with gigantic 40+ gallon base capacity; which can be filled with water or sand. This reservoir also holds two wheels at front-bottom for moving hoop when necessary; just tilt hoop forward and drag it to the desired place. Keep in mind, the system becomes really hefty when assembled and base is filled, for this very reason at least 2 adults are required for moving the system; same can be said for assembly.

Rim and Screw Jack Lift System

Spalding uses the same rim and height-adjustable system as on its higher-end glass backboard model 68454. The arena style breakaway rim has spring return mechanism which takes a lot of stress from the backboard and gives the feel of arena style rim while dunking. On the other hand, easy to use screw jack lift system lets you adjust rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in infinite increments. This system also offers removable handle so that rim height cannot be tampered once adjusted at desired position.

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Screenshot taken from Amzon.Com on Jult 2, 2016.
Screenshot taken from Amzon.Com on Jult 2, 2016.

Customer Rating: Spalding 68562 has more than 90+ reviews on There are only 9% buyers who rated it 1 star; while 83% of customers had rated it 4 or 5 stars, which signifies that majority of customers enjoyed playing on this hoop. As for 1-star reviews, most of them complain about poor assembly instructions and some of them were not happy with backboard quality. To see customers review Click On The Screenshot On The Right.

Our Take- The Spalding 68562 has got all the features of the best portable basketball hoop. The system fairs well in all aspect be it: a professional looking backboard, a durable base or a breakaway rim. My only concern is the 3-piece 3” pole which I don’t think can keep the 60-inch backboard steady, other than that the built of hoop looks solid for a residential purpose and is recommended for those who prefer bigger backboard over the tempered Glass backboard.


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2 comments on “Spalding 68562 Review: THE BEAST OF MID-RANGE.

Ajaiy Rajendran

Hello, I was considering buying the Spalding 68562 ( 60inch Acrylic Backboard) or the Spalding 68454 ( 54inch Glass Backboard). If price isn’t an issue, which of these would you recommend? I like the bigger backboard size, but which would be less shaky and gives more when you shoot? Just want the least about of movement in the hoop.


Hello Ajaiy, if you like big backboard I say go with Spalding 68562.

Both these hoops are in the market for years and I haven’t seen any problem related to shaky backboards when properly installed.

Although, if money is not a problem, you can look at Spalding 888 series hoops which are little more expensive but comes with better specifications.


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