Spalding 68564 Portable Hoop Review- The Choice Is All Yours!

Product Name: Spalding 68564 Portable Basketball Hoop.
Price Range: $500-700 approx.
Playability Level- Pro, Beginners, Intermediate.
Warranty: Unknown.
Our Rating: 8/10.

Do you have limited space in your backyard or have a 1 or 2 car driveway? Do you still want a professional looking basketball hoop in front of your house to shoot hoops or to play one-on-one with your kids? If you are searching for a compact and sturdy portable basketball hoop then Spalding 68564 is what you looking for! Let’s take a look at why this hoop is best for restricted places.

54″ Compact Acrylic Backboard

The standard width of Nba backboards is 72-inch which looks gigantic on 1-car driveways. For this very reason, Spalding introduced a 60″ and 54″ variant backboards for small driveways. Spalding 68564 comes with a 54″ acrylic backboard which is steel framed to make it extra durable. As you can see in a picture below, the backboard of 68564 is transparent and comes with a logo on the right side of the backboard. This looks similar to backboards we see in NBA.spalding_68564_portable_hoop_trugduk8658jgfdj

Rim To Dunk On!

Not only the backboard of Spalding 68564 looks professional but the Arena Slam Breakaway rim is built keeping athletic players in mind that yearns to play above the rim. This rim has a double compression spring that provides a return back action when someone dunk on it. Similar to professional rims these springs are covered by steel plates to protect it from rust.

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Steel Pole and Front Cover

Spalding 68564 features a 3-piece heavy-duty steel pole which is 3.5″ in diameter. This pole is bolted at the top-back of the base and is angled at 20 degrees, to provide players an overhang of 16 inches from backboard to the base. At the top side of the pole, it got H-shape arms which are screwed at the back of the backboard. Also, the screw jack lift system– which helps in adjusting rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet– is attached to the backside of the pole.

Coming to the black front cover, it is attached to the front of the base. The cover not only supports the pole but also acts as a rebounder during game time. This cover also has a NBA logo on it.

Colossal 40-Gallon Base

The base of Spalding 68564 is huge both in terms of holding capacity and dimension. This base can store up to 40-gallon of water or sand to hold the hoop steady. Unlike other cheap portable hoops, this base got opening at the top so you don’t have to tilt the hoop to fill it with water or sand.

Screenshot taken from on July 2, 2106.

Customer Rating- Spalding 68564 portable hoop is for all age folks and its customer rating shows us exactly why! The hoop got an excellent rating on Amazon, with over 70 reviews– most of them 5-star or 4-star– the reviewers praised the hoop for being the best value for money hoop. On a contrary, many of 4 and 5-stars review also complain about vague assembly instruction and how time-consuming it was to assemble. Click The Screenshot To Your Right To View Amazon Customer Rating.

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Conclusion: The Good and The Bad.

The Good

  • Compact 54″ Acrylic Backboard- Fits perfectly in cramped places.
  • Durable Rim- Play On, Dunk On!
  • Huge 40-gallon base.
  • 2 Wheels at the bottom of the base for easy mobility.

The Bad

  • Tedious Assembly.
  • Priced at very competitive price range.

Our Take: While Spalding 68564 has features to impress, it’s certainly not apt for everyone. Spalding 68562 which is priced just above Spalding 68564 has got a 60″ acrylic backboard which looks and feels more like a professional backboard. Furthermore, Spalding 68454 with 54″ Glass backboard and 4-inch square pole will cost only extra $100 (approx) above Spalding 68562.

To put it briefly, The Choice Is All Yours! If you can spend extra $100 the Glass backboard 68454 is excellent choice for residential use. On the other hand, if you are tight on budget then Spalding 68562 is a good option in the mid-range segment.


Note: Spalding 68564 Basketball Hoop Price changes frequently, always check the price before buying it online.

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