Spalding 88454G Review- Steady As A Rock.

Product Name: Spalding 88454G Ground Basketball Hoop.
Price Range: Between $400-500.
Playability Level- Intermediate, Pros.
  1 Year.
Our Rating: 8/10.

Outdoor family fun is dwindling with the fast-paced working life taking over family time. For spending that fun-time with your family again and to enjoy the game everyone love– especially in the United States, you can gift your family and yourself the gift of a steady basketball hoop that lasts with you for a lifetime. Spalding 88454G is made for American families and every type of player; be it intermediate teen looking to improve their skills and having fun or a college player serious for his game and career. Thanks to the robust pole and heavy-duty Glass backboard this hoop can easily handle moderate dunks without showing any wear or tear.

spalding-88454G-basketball-hoopBackboard: Looks Professional; Feels Professional.

Spalding 88454G features a 6.3mm thick and 54” (width) steel framed Glass backboard. The Glass backboards hoops are considered best as they provide a good bounce to the basketball and are durable. What’s more, the backboard has an NBA logo on it which gives it a professional look and makes you feel like playing in Arena. Talking about NBA, the league also uses glass backboards but they are heavier, thicker (12.7mm) and are wider at 72inches.

If you have a big 2 or 3 car driveway or a basketball court, the Spalding 88454G-P, which is the 60” backboard variant of 88454G, with same specs, is a good option to consider seeing the nominal price difference.

Robust Pole: Made To Last

So, are you ready to showcase your dunking skills to your kids and neighbors? Don’t worry about damaging the hoop, unlike portable hoops, the in-ground systems are always better at handling the power dunks and same is the case with this ground basketball system. Spalding 88454G has a robust 2-piece 4” square pole which is embedded in the ground via ground sleeve anchor system. The combination of Steel and concrete strengthen the overall structure of hoop and makes it ready for vigorous plays.

Apparently, Spalding is not offering any added accessories with this hoop– like backboard pads and pole pads—which is vital for players’ safety; especially after seeing the 2 feet overhang (distance from backboard to pole), the pole pad is a must-have accessory to protect players from direct collision with the pole. But, that’s not a deal-breaker, if you feel the need to buy it after using hoops for few weeks, you can purchase it separately, and it will not cost you a leg and an arm.

Dunkers Rim

Spalding 88454G comes with Pro-Image Breakaway rim which is made to handle brutal plays above the rim. Thanks to its compression spring mechanism which took a lot of stress from backboard; at the same time protects players hand from getting injured– while dunking.

Height Adjustment System

Just like other hoops in same price range, Spalding 88454G can adjust rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet –through U-Turn lift system. However, it requires some muscles for turning the handle to raise and lower the rim height– difficult for kids under 10 years of age.

Customers Reviews and Rating:

Screenshot was taken on July 2, 2016, from Amazon.Com

There are more than 105 reviews of Spalding 88454G on Almost all reviews, including five stars and four stars, has complained about vague assembly instruction and how arduous it was to attach 2-piece pole together. Despite that, the hoop received a high average rating of 4 out of 5, and only 7% of people had rated it 1 star. Click On The Screenshot To Read Customers Review At

Our Take: Spalding 88454G is one of the best basketball system under $600 range, and as far as built quality is concerned there is nothing much to complain about that either. Although, it would have been a nice bonus if Spalding had included free pole pads in the package just like it did in Spalding 888 in-ground hoop series.

Still, if I have to criticize something then that would be assembly instructions which seem grueling task; however, if you are good at following instructions you should not need to worry as assembly process is just a few hours’ process but the end result will be a steady hoop that stands with you for a lifetime.

Alternative- Another good option to look for in this price range is Silverback B5400W ground basketball hoop, with almost same specs, the hoop offers pole pads included in the package too—Thank you, Silverback!


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