Spalding 888 Series Ground Basketball System Review- The Elite Performer.

Product Name: Spalding 888 Series Ground Basketball Hoop.
Price Range: Between $1200-1700.
Playability Level- Pro, Intermediate, Beginners.
Our Rating: 9/10.


splading-888-series-basketball-hoop-jkfgakf563Spalding 888 series is one of the finest creations of Spalding in recent times. The series got three elite ground hoops under its name, out of which the most expensive one is Spalding 88880G, which features a 72 x 42” steel framed glass backboard; that looks so big in driveways that everyone in your neighborhood will be tempted to play on it, one piece 6” square pole, and an overhang of 4-feet from backboard to pole—told you, Elite!

The Spalding 88830G, which is little cheaper than its bigger sibling, has a smaller and lighter tempered glass backboard with 60 x 38” dimension but supports an equally robust 6” thick steel pole. Priced at a premium cost (around $1350), this basketball hoop offers an overhang of 3 feet which is the standard at this price.

The cheapest of all 3 basketball hoops is the Spalding 88825G. The hoop might be cheap compared to other 2 hoops, but you will get the same built quality– with an equally premium price tag. This hoop is priced at $1200 approx and features a 54” glass backboard, breakaway rim, and a 5” thick square steel pole. Providing the 3 feet overhang the hoop gives good space to play under the basket; as its bigger sibling with 60” backboard.

Backboard- Different Size; Same Thickness.

As we mentioned before all three hoops under Spalding 888 Series has different size backboard i.e. 54-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch—the bigger the tempered Glass backboard the more expensive, the hoop will be. In spite of the size difference the thickness of boards are same, at 3/8” (9.5mm) thickness the backboard certainly plays better than its rivals with 1/4” Glass backboard.

Square Pole- Heavy-Duty One-Piece.

One-piece pole, we also call it “dunkers-pole” because it provides extra rigidity and stability to the hoop which allows players to play vigorously above the rim. The Spalding 888 series basketball hoops are supported by thick 6-inch one-piece steel pole, for 60” and 72” backboard variant, and 5-inch pole for 88825G (54” backboard). What’s more, Spalding has stored a surprise for you in the form of FREE heavy-duty pole pads—which are included in the package with all 3 systems.

Furthermore, the hoops steel pole are bolted in the ground through J-Bolt anchor system which provides the added facility to dismount the poles, in case you are moving to a new house or want to change the location of a hoop.

Height Adjustment System

All three basketball hoops in 888 series use the same U-Turn Pro lift system to adjust rim height from 7 feet to 10 feet in infinite increments.

Screenshot was taken on July 2, 2016, from Amazon.Com.

Customer Reviews- Spalding 888 Series hoops got good reviews from customers at Although, not many people reviewed the product and there are only 20+ reviews but still all reviewers are satisfied with the purchase and has given the average rating of 4.4 out of 5. Click The Image On Your Right To Read Customers Review At

Our Take- No doubt, all three hoops under Spalding 888 series are elite performers. The hoop offers value for money and is made to last.

Some people can argue that the price is on expensive side, but I do not agree with that simply because the series got all the advanced features like the industry best tempered Glass backboard, robust one piece square pole and a good 3 to 4 feet overhang– that adds to the playability—now what more can you ask for?

Furthermore, a free pole pad is like a sweet cherry on the top of a cake.

My advice, if money is not a hitch for you buy one of these high performing hoops right away.


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The spadling 88830g I bought was money well spent, pretty satisfied with the purchase, thanks for the review, it was very helpful.


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