Spalding H-Frame In-Ground Basketball Hoop Review- The Complete Package.

Product Name: Spalding H-Frame In-ground Basketball Hoop.
Price Range: $1600-1900 approx.
Playability Level- Pro, Beginners, Intermediate.
Warranty: 5-year.
Our Rating: 9/10.
Online Rating: Amazon- 4.8/5— As on July 7, 2016.

If vicious dunks and monstrous alley-oop jams is a first thing that comes to your mind while playing basketball than Spalding H-Frame Basketball hoop is the one you will definitely relish. Straight-up, this is one of the best in-ground system a money can buy. The hoop provides an institutional level of playing and is a hulk compared to other residential systems. One downside to the system– which many will feel– is its expensive price tag. Priced above $1400 this premium basketball hoop is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though, if you have money to burn than investing in this pro-hoop is one smart choice. Let’s quickly take a peek at what this hoop has to offer.

60″ and 72″ Tempered Glass Backboard- Near Perfect.

spalding_h_frame_basketball_hoop_ukytri745nhAre you an NBA fan? I know that’s an absurd question to ask! But, if you do watch Nba you probably should have heard of Spalding company– as they are the official sponsor of backboard and basketball in the league.

As a benchmark– set by Nba– the professional backboards are 72″ wide and 1/2″ thick. For this very reason, Spalding H-frame basketball hoop comes in two variant 60-inch and a near perfect 72-inch wide backboard. Why near perfect when size is same? It’s because both backboards are made of 3/8″ thick tempered Glass material as compared to 1/2″ thickness in professional backboards. Still, these backboards are extremely stable as compared to acrylic and polycarbonate backboards. On the other hand, though, these giant-boards are really hefty and installing them can be a grueling task if you are alien to DIY assembly.

One-Piece Steel Pole- Better Than The Best.

Other than a backboard quality, steel pole is a focal point while deciding which hoop to buy. Luckily, Spalding H-frame comes with a 6″ square one-piece steel pole which is absolute best at keeping heavy-frame of the hoop steady. Oh Yes! it means you can have a dunk party at your home without worrying about hoop crumbling down. What’s more, Spalding also offers a free heavy-duty pole pads with the system so that fast players can enjoy the game at full steam without worrying about slamming into the pole.

Breakaway Rim- Put On Your Dunking Shoes.

As mentioned in the review title, this hoop really is ‘the complete package’. From best-in-a-class tempered Glass Backboard to robust one piece square pole, the system is packed with high-end features. Further, adding to the playability is a Pro-Style Breakaway rim with spring return action. This rim is built-to-last and even biggest of players can enjoy dunking on it. If standard 10-feet height makes you feel uncomfortable don’t worry you can still dunk the ball by adjusting Rim height up to 7-feet using U-Turn Pro lift system.

Anchor Kit and Hinging Base Plate.

Assembly of in-ground systems can be cumbersome but Spalding H-frame Ground tube anchor kit with hinging base plate makes assembly a fun. Well, not exactly fun but it’s still better than any other units with 72-inch Glass backboards. The attachable base plate– which got bolted in anchor kit– allows ground level installation of the backboard and rim. The only tough part here is to attach the backboard to the pole and of course, getting pole upright after installation is complete.

Screenshot was taken on July 12, 2016, from

User Satisfaction- Users of Spalding H-frame are pretty happy with their purchase. But as they say “you can’t make everyone happy” some users complain about tiring assembly– especially digging a massive hole and getting backboard to the pole. Although, if we look at the online megastore, users have given it a good rating of 4.8/5. To check Amazon customer reviews Click the Screenshot to your right.

Our Take: The Good; The Bad

The Good

  • Very less vibration.
  • Solid 6-inch square steel pole.
  • Comes in 2 variant 60 inch and 72-inch backboard.
  • Pro Style break-away rim to take on the vicious dunking.
  • 4″ and 3″ offset between board and pole.
  • Ground tube anchor kit with hinging base plate allows easy assembly.
  • Free Pole pads.
  • Infinite height adjustment from 7′ to 10′.

The Bad

  • Backboard is extremely heavy; Need minimum of 3 people to attach it to the pole.
  • Tiring Assembly; Good luck with digging that hole.
  • Premium price– not everyone can afford.
  • Looks big for most driveways.

The Upshot: As a basketball fanatic myself I would love to have one of these in my backyard. If your gameplay involves vicious dunking and alley-oops slams than you will love this beast of the system too. Final words, I really like the system based on its features and a given 5-year warranty. Albeit, it is like the BMW car– everyone may want it, but not everyone can afford it! If you can afford this system, it’s the best time to buy it.

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Bibin thomas

hi also want to take part in coaching basketball
i am his bigest fan..


I wish as a kid I would have had a hoop like this. It looks like a pro hoop. I like the fact that it is adjustable, so we average folks can feel like pros and dunk. What would be the best way to dig the hole for the pole? Do you need concrete to secure?


Solid review of the spalding basketball hoop, there has been so many times I have been playing on a cheap frame and hoop and it has ended up breaking or shattering and has caused so many issues for me and my friends. We needed one like this, I will definitely look to save up for something like this for the future, that was a solid review and provided me with a lot of quality info about this product.


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