Spalding Hybrid Basketball Hoop With Acrylic Backboard Review: Gimmick or Futuristic?

Product Name: Spalding Hybrid Basketball Hoop 54″ and 60″ Backboard.
Price Range: $600-800 approx.
Playability Level- Intermediate, Beginners.
Warranty: Unknown.
Our Rating: 8.5/10.

So, Gimmick or Futuristic? I think both! The base of the hoop is no doubt something new and innovative; however we can’t say that for the overall design of hoop. The 3-piece pole or 4.5mm thick acrylic backboard is in the middle of the road, plus it falls in same price group as Spalding 68454 with Glass backboard; the competition that’s tough to beat. Let’s compare Spalding 68454 and Spalding Hybrid portable hoop to find out if it’s the future or not!spalding_hybrid_basketball_hoop_hjfgvjga73y53


Spalding did some great tweaking with the design of Spalding 71564 and comes with the new Hybrid base that can be filled with both water and sand to provide extra beef to the system. This reservoir can be filled with 19 gallons of water combined with 200lbs of sand or gravel— futuristic. The fusion of sand and water works great for the sturdiness of this portable system. Moreover, the hoop can be moved easily thanks to the removable cover at the top of the base which allows easy access to storage – one can easily move the hoop by emptying the storage which ultimately reduces the heaviness and makes hoop effortless to move. This feature is handy for people who shift their hoop often.

On the other hand, Spalding 68454 features an ordinary 40+ gallon base that can be filled with either sand or water. The base has no removable cover like Spalding 71564 and its pain to move as the Glass backboard and colossal base makes it extra hefty. Although, the hoop has slit at the side for pouring out sand/ water when needed but still removable cover makes life much easier.

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Backboard and Rim:

Other than a base, the 71564 portable system is identical to Spalding 68564. Both features a 54” acrylic backboard and a heavy-duty break-away rim with spring mechanism– that relieves stress from the backboard while dunking. These springs are covered with steel-box to protect it from rust and optimizing aesthetic.

Acrylic backboards are considered second best after Glass backboards as they provide better bounce and are heftier. Spalding 68454 is only hoop under $700 to feature a 54” Glass backboard and arena-style breakaway rim.


On the one hand, I like the new base design of Spalding 71564. On the other, the 3-piece poles were never my favorite. The hoop features a 3-piece 3.5inch round pole– what happened to innovation Spalding? The pole is as standard as they came, Spalding should have given a 2-piece or even a thicker and square pole would be better. I mean, what’s the meaning of sturdy base if the pole is shaky every time ball hits the backboard? The pole is angled-forward from the base and is supported by front cover which also acts as a rebounder during game time.

Spalding 68454 also comes with a 3-piece pole but the 4inch thick and square pole makes up for that and provides strength to the overall structure of hoop. This pole stands straight and bolted on the front side of the base; which also holds 2 struts to provide extra stability to the pole.

Price and Customer Reviews:

Screenshot was taken from Amazon.Com on July 2, 2016.
Screenshot was taken from Amazon.Com on July 2, 2016.

Spalding 71564 54″ backboard model cost around $650– retail. This portable hoop series got only 13 reviews as its new compared to its other siblings. However, If you like this product you will be happy to know that its buyers like it too. The hoop didn’t get any 1 star or 2-star reviews on and 77% of people rated it 5-star. In other words, if 7 out of 10 people are happy with their purchase, simply means the hoop got features to impress. Click The Screenshot On The Right To Read Amazon Customers Reviews.

In contrary, the Spalding 68454 got more than 150 reviews on Click Here To Read Our Review Of Spalding 68454 Basketball Hoop.

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Our Take:

Spalding has put lots of work into making the Spalding Hybrid portable system. Is it futuristic? Well! The answer is Yes and No, both. Yes, the base of the hoop is a Hybrid and looks better than traditional bases which can store either water or sand. And No, for fragile 3-piece round pole which is standard and pedestrian. However, if we look at portability aspect, it’s better than any hoop available in its price range thanks to the removable lid at the base and two wheels at the front.

For everyone else, who are not much concerned about mobility Spalding 68454 is a better option with Glass backboard and 4inch square pole.

To wrap things up, Hybrid portable system seems gimmick to me right now– maybe its next generation holds the future of portable systems with overall advancement.


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