Spalding The Beast Review: The Beast vs The World.

Price Range: $1000 -$1200. Recommended.
Playability Level- Pro, Intermediate, Beginners.

The review title might suggest that we are talking about any fiction movie, but we are not. Here, we are talking about Spalding “The BEAST” portable hoop vs. all other residential portable hoops. With the strength of the beast and built-quality as good as any premium in-ground hoop, this basketball system beats all its counterparts in every aspect of the game, be it sturdiness, premium-built or stability. Here are three reasons why buying this hoop is a good idea for anyone looking for the portable system under $1100.

1. Break-Away Rim and Hefty Backboard: Welcome to Arena.

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The beast offers a 60” tempered glass backboard with the Pro-Image breakaway rim. The thickness of the board is ¼ inch, considering that professional backboard in leagues like NBA is ½ inches thick and made up of same quality tempered glass, this backboard performs at a higher level than its rivals with acrylic or polycarbonate backboards. What sweeten the deal, even more, is that there is no other company which offers same thickness on glass backboard in portable residential hoops.

On the other hand, the Breakaway rim performs as professional rims and absorbs most of the contact while dunking, which in turn increases the life of backboard. Furthermore, the all-weather nylon net is also included in a package and is ready to take on any weather for at least few years.

Overall, this tempered glass backboard is by far the biggest and heaviest you can get in portable hoops and combining it with break-away rim propels its performance to the next level.

Note: Although, the rim and backboard are of top-quality you should never hang on portable hoops rim as a safety measure, plus it can void the warranty too.

2. Stable Pole and Massive Base:

To keep the heavy duty backboard shake free The Beast comes with 5inch two-piece square poles which are screwed at the bottom, on the base cap. Additionally, four struts are incorporated for extra rigidity and system stability. Now, this 5-inch square pole is very rare to see on portable hoops, and The Beast is only portable hoop below $1100 to have one. Likewise, the square poles are also better than round poles in terms of stability.

The base of this portable system is gigantic too that can swallow 50+ gallon of water or sand. It may be of no surprise to you, but YES! This is one of the biggest bases we have seen so far in any portable basketball system. Its closest competitors are Spalding 68454 and Spalding 68562 with 40-gallon base capacity.

3. Cinch Assembly & Portability:

The best thing about portable systems are their assembly which can be done in 3 to 4 hours, and it’s not as work intensive or tedious as in-ground systems. I have to give it to Spalding, it works even on small details with this portable system, right from packaging to the muscular design itself the BEAST is written all over it, literally. For assembly aspect, two adults, spare time of 4 to 5 hours and some household tools like hammer, garden hose, wrench, and support table are needed.

To make assembly easy, the assembly manual is divided into sections. Moreover, the Spalding has done the packaging of hardware in such manner that each hardware package is dedicated to a specific assembly area. For ex- If you are assembling the base, you will find all the hardware you need to assemble it in one package. You don’t have to deal with all parts at the same time, finding out which parts goes where, which bolts to screw and get overwhelmed. I think it is one of the cleanest manual, with well-built diagrams and instructions that save a lot of time and energy assembling the hoop.

Looking at the portability aspect wheels are attached at the base of the hoop for moving it when needed. These rollers come into action as soon as you pull the Grey inset cover, at the front, which acts double as a rebounder during game time and handle for dragging hoop before or after the game. Moving hoop is a cinch as multi-wheels design with castors allows you to drag hoop in any direction.

The Bad Part:

On the flip side of a coin, there are some things we do not like about this hoop.

Faulty Base- The base of the hoop is said to be fragile and starts developing cracks over time in bad weather. Now, if you fill the base with water, it can leak very easily even through small cracks. To overcome this, I recommend filling the base with sand and check for any leakage before playing.

Too big for many driveways- Looking at the size of backboard this hoop may not be a perfect fit for every household.

Wheels not suitable for uneven surface- Undoubtedly, The Beast is the heaviest portable hoop you will encounter in a market, moving the hoop itself isn’t tough but if the surface is little rugged or there is a crack in your driveway there is literally no way to drag hoop over it.

Screenshot taken on June 22, 2016 from Amazon.Com.

Customers Satisfaction- The Beast is among the best seller hoops on Amazon that received excellent ratings from people who purchased it. As you can see in the screenshot taken on June 22, 2016, there is total of 132 reviews available, out of which 64% of people rated it five stars, 20% people rated it four stars and only 7% people rated it 1 star. Overall, buyers are satisfied with the quality of hoop, and how sturdy it is, some of them complain about how tough it was for them to assemble the hoop. However, one reviewer was lampooning other’s who finds this hoop hard to assemble and claimed that he assembled hoop in 2 hours without any difficulty. Click the Image to check Amazon Customer Reviews.

The Upshot- The Beast is unquestionably the best portable hoop available on the market. The built of this basketball system is unimpeachable; you can expect it to withstand all the hard flushing dunks and still stand strong. The backboard and rim play as good as any hoop you experience at the gym or high school. Plus, the 5-inch pole and massive base give hoop a stability of in-ground hoop. Buy this basketball system if you are looking for a sturdy portable hoop with the touch of sophistication and power of the BEAST.


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Great Article

Heaps of information on the Beast Postable basketball hoop. Portable hoops are handy and this owner sounds like it might be easy to move around because of the wheels that are attached.

Shooting hoops is one of my favourite past times and I have actually been on the market for a portable hoop, so I appreciate your information.



From Amazon, I purchased “The Beast” portable basketball system (model 74560) late December, 2016. My unit has a defect that prevents the front wheels from retracting enough for the unit to rest on the front lower pads. As a result, the unit is always able to roll freely even when the front wheel lever is flush against the lower pad. Others have had a similar problem. Here is an example:
I just filed a warranty claim, so we’ll see what happens.


Hi Aman,
That was a very thorough review of the outdoor basketball portable hoop system. The price of around $1100 is reasonable. Based on the performance aspects of the Spaulding hoop they appear to offer more than other competitive brand models – you mentioned the breakaway rim which holds up well when a talented basketball player likes to practice his dunks.

Also the Beast has the pole/stability foundation better than other models. You also stated that it takes but several hours to put together the first time.

I’m in my late 50s and back in the day when I was a teenager in the 1970s these types of portable basketball hoops simply had not been invented. My father erected a wooden board with a basketball rim and net that he attached – all to one of the trees in our somewhat large backyard. I could not dunk until I was around 18 years old so having that breakaway rim now available at Spaulding would have been no use for me, or any of my friends who could not dunk anyway.

You also took the time to explain the negatives about the system – the fact that it is almost too large to be used in a one car driveway, and the fact that it would be too heavy for young kids to move on their own.

With the huge popularity at least in the U.S. regarding basketball, having surpassed baseball and only trailing football with the number of kids and adults who play it and seriously follow the sport this specific portable hoop system should be quite popular with people!



Hi Jeff, you are absolutely right. Portable hoops are invented in late 2000’s and boy oh boy! they changed the game of recreational basketball for good. Now users have a freedom to move hoop from one place to another whenever they want. Also, player of any age and caliber can enjoy dunking now, thanks to adjustable rim height that becomes a norm on portable hoops these days.

So, if you think you still got some fuel left it’s not too late; order one of these portable hoops; invite your friends; adjust rim height at lower level; showcase your dunking skills and in process relive your teen life 🙂

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and comment, Jeff. It’s highly appreciated.

Besh Wishes,


Thanks for the write up. Ultimately I’m going to keep looking due to the base leak issue that you mentioned. I can’t have this thing up all the time per Home Owners Associate rules, so I have to fill it and drain it frequently to move it in. Thanks for the tip!


Hi James,

The problem of “leaking base” is nothing new with portable hoops, in fact, it’s inevitable to happen at some point down the road– due to weather conditions and consistent usage. For this very reason, sand is preferred over water as it doesn’t leak easily through tiny cracks.

As for your other concern– moving hoop on a consistent basis– I suggest you look at Spalding Hybrid portable system as it features a removable upper base which gives users the facility to remove sandbags and drag hoop to the desired place. Once the system is placed at desired spot load the base again and your hoop is ready for action.

Hope this helps. If you have any more comments or questions do message me.



Hi there,

Interesting and helpful article!
I always had a basketball hoop set on the wall in my backyard, but because we moved we don’t have it anymore. However, now I see there is a wonderful alternative to this, especially for us because we move a lot due to our work. We also love big houses with big backyards, so it won’t be a problem to set up the portable basketball. I have bookmarked your website so I can read more details about this awesome toy later on.
Thank you for this excellent review!

aman 06

Hello Daniella,

Thanks for liking our page. It’s always good to know your hard work is paying off. You can also check best portable hoops $600-1200 to know more options available. Also, please do comment below if you need any assistance regarding portable basketball hoops.

Aman (A Basketball Fanatic)


I have never owned a portable basketball rim. When my brother and I were young, we had a fixed basketball rim and backboard. Basketball was our favorite sport and we were good at it. I don’t play anymore and Football has taken the prominant place for me regarding sports viewing. If I played ball it would be basketball. I’d get killed at Football. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post! Do you play basketball?
Thank you,
Edward Mijarez


Hello Edward,

First of all, it’s wonderful to know you and your brother are a basketball enthusiast, I love to meet people who like basketball. Secondly, as you said, maximum households– in early 21st century– preferred fixed basketball hoops because of stability and rigidity it offers. However, portable hoops are gaining its popularity among masses due to flexibility and affordable pricing– and now the majority of American families are favouring portable hoops over in-ground basketball hoops.

As for me, basketball is more than just a game. It runs in my blood, I used to play basketball when I was young and played at both school and national level. I still spend most of my time playing basketball and when I am not playing I research online for the ways to improve my game– by watching videos and reading basketball related articles. You can check more at About Me section of the website.

I am glad you like the post, please share it with your family and friends if they are searching for a residential basketball hoop.



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